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We maintain long-standing relationships with our clients. Some of our clients have been relying on our expertise for over 15 years because PR is long-term, authentic and based on trust. This is exactly how we characterise our relationship with our clients. No matter whether corporate group, medium-sized company, start-up or association, you’ll find our list of current references is quite diverse – always from the food, beverages or lifestyle sectors, of course.


The global partner for baking ingredients

As an international group of companies, BAKELS offers a wide range of over 2,000 innovative baking ingredients in the categories of bread, pastries, cakes and confectionery. The customised ingredients are supplied to over 120 countries on all continents.

Bayerische Staatsbrauerei Weihenstephan

Combining Bavarian tradition with modern, innovative brewing skills

The Bavarian State Brewery Weihenstephan, founded in 1040 as the monastery brewery of the Benedictine monks, is now a state-owned enterprise that is run according to private-sector standards.


Your sourdough specialist

t BÖCKER, the sourdough specialist, everything has revolved around sourdough since the company was founded in 1910. The owner-managed family business – now in its fourth generation – ferments and ships high-quality sourdough products worldwide.


Innovative IT solutions for the baking industry

The system and software house CompData supports medium-sized companies with professional IT solutions. With its focus on bakery-specific applications, the company has established itself as a driving force in the baking industry.

Danone Deutschland

One Planet. One Health

Danone is one of the leading manufacturers of food and medical nutrition in the DACH region, operating in four business areas: fresh dairy, plant-based products, natural mineral water and soft drinks, and early childhood and medical nutrition. The portfolio includes brands such as Actimel, Activia and Alpro.

Deutscher Brauer-Bund e.V.

German umbrella organisation of breweries, founded in 1871

More than 1,500 breweries in Germany have made commitments to competency in beer making and promoting beer culture. Germany is the largest beer producer in Europe, ranking fifth worldwide.

Die Freien Brauer

Association of leading, independent family breweries

Die Freien Brauer lives and loves beer diversity. The association of 44 leading, medium-sized family breweries in Germany, Austria and Luxembourg has therefore set itself the task of promoting diversity and beer culture in Europe.

Dr. Schär Institute

Knowledge platform for grain-associated diseases

The Dr. Schär Institute is a dedicated healthcare professional resource specialising in the areas of gluten-free and metabolic nutrition. The international team of nutrition specialists was formed back in 2005


Plenty of enjoyment, hardly any fructose

In 2006, Ulf Herrmann founded Frusano Europe GmbH, headquartered in Gräfelfing near Munich, which specialises in the production and distribution of low-fructose and fructose-free foods. Almost all products are also organic, vegan, lactose-free and gluten-free.

Haus Rabenhorst

Producer of exquisite, freshly-pressed juices and inventor of Rotbäckchen

Haus Rabenhorst, based in Unkel on the Rhine, is a highly specialised supplier of fruit and vegetable juices that focusses on sustainability in the manufacture, procurement of raw materials, production and packaging of its all-natural products.


Seasoning juices, ginger shots and fruit vinegar compositions for discerning connoisseurs

HITCHCOCK has stood for premium quality, freshly-pressed juices for over half a century and has enjoyed many years of success since it was founded in 1966. The main reason for this lies in the brand philosophy, which places quality and taste at the top of the list.


Modern checkout system solutions with a future

KMZ Kassensystem GmbH has been serving customers from the baking, retail and gastronomy sectors since 2003. KMZ implements high-quality cash register solutions and card payment systems through well-founded expertise.


Optimally integrated IT solutions and cash register systems for bakeries

In order to offer bakeries complex, integrated hardware and software solutions with the added value of comprehensive, smooth project handling as well as full customer service, the three industry specialists CompData Computer GmbH, KMZ Kassensystem GmbH and OptimoBercher have joined forces as the Competency Forum.


Taste and grill leader

It all began in 1887, when Josef Anton Meggle I. laid the foundation for the group of companies by founding a cheese dairy in Wasserburg am Inn. Today, MEGGLE is one of the most renowned manufacturers of dairy products in Europe and is best known in Germany for its herb butter.


Innovative IT solutions for bakeries

Innovative and dynamic – OptimoBercher, based in Friedrichshafen, creates IT solutions for bakeries throughout the German-speaking countries.

Pfeifer & Langen

Beet sugar: natural, regional and sustainable

For over 150 years, Pfeifer & Langen has developed into one of Europe’s leading sugar manufacturers. The Cologne-based family business offers sustainable sugar specialities made from local sugar beet.


The South Tyrolean artesian spring

At 1,870 metres in the high alpine mountains of South Tyrol springs an artesian well whose unique properties are characterized by its exceptional origin – Plose natural mineral water.


Kitchen tools, cookware, grills and BBQ accessories.

Amateur and professional chefs alike appreciate the award winning, quality products from RÖSLE. Functionality that inspires, routine use of sustainable materials and that special something makes the Allgäu-based company, RÖSLE, which has been family-owned since 1888, the obvious choice for discerning cooks.


Producer of innovative, specialized cereal products

The SchapfenMühle is Ulm’s oldest manufacturer. Since its foundation in 1452, it has remained a reliable partner for the bakery trade.

Stiebner Publishers

Inspiring reading focussed on sports, creativity and leisure activities

The Munich based, family-run publishing house stands for high-quality titles that are developed with great attention to detail. Stiebner Publishers feature the brands Stiebner and Copress. While Copress is focussed on sports, health and adventure, Stiebner offers inspiration for handicrafts, creativity and leisure activities.


Natural fruit juice enjoyment from sun-ripened fruits

Providing fruit juices that come from top-quality fruit that has had enough time and plenty of sunshine to ripen makes Valensina one of the most popular fruit juice brands in Germany.

Verein zur Förderung der Milchwirtschaft e. V.

The dairy industry round table

Shared interests in the dairy market in NRW have led to an association of dairy companies from NRW and regional partners from Germany. The Verein zur Förderung der Milchwirtschaft e. V. (Association for the Promotion of the Dairy Industry) implements the projects and coordinates the measures.


Unique distilled spirits since 1892

WALDEMAR BEHN is a family business which honors handshake quality while living their passion for unique taste experiences. Since its foundation by Waldemar Behn in 1892, the company, based in Eckernförde, Germany, has grown steadily across four generations into an internationally respected producer of quality distilled spirits.


Great taste. Even more enjoyment.

Ever since 1947, the traditional Austrian brand WIBERG has been refining precious spices from all over the world to make food enjoyment a truly unforgettable experience. The focus is on individual service, top product quality and creative solutions. WIBERG is not only an innovative partner for the hotel and catering industry, but has also been supplying professional quality for home kitchens since November, 2022.

Wissensforum Backwaren e.V.

A tight knot of expertise in the field of baking agents and baking ingredients

The Wissensforum Backwaren e.V. is the information centre for baking agents and baking ingredients for the production of breads and other fine baked goods. Independent scientists and experts from member companies pool their expertise and make their findings available to interested parties.


Pioneer with tradition

At the beginning of the last century, the Japanese scientist Dr. Minoru Shirota first researched the effects of intestinal bacteria on health at the Japanese University of Kyoto.