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Our principal focus revolves around food PR. We are a highly competent team of communication and nutrition professionals with specialist training backgrounds. We work closely with various media channels and maintain a strong food industry network. Thanks to our many years of experience in the field and in food PR, we keep consumers, influencers, opinion leaders and the media high on our agency´s agenda.

Sandra Ganzenmüller

As a nutrition scientist and PR manager with an intuitive sense for effective communication and emergent trends in the food and beverage industries, Sandra Ganzenmüller sets the course for the food PR agency kommunikation.pur.

Following diverse experiences in the food industry, Sandra Ganzenmüller turned her attention to public relations and communications, where she has been for 15 years – more than 10 of which were spent as a freelancer. As a nutrition scientist and PR manager, she learned early on that combining her professional training in a specialized field with well-founded communication skills was the best recipe for success in PR for the food and beverages industry – and this skill set is highly valued by her customers. She is focused on her ambitions, so obtaining qualifications as a commercial manager for the beverage industry and certified beer sommelier was simply the next logical step. Drawing inspiration from her involvement in various associations, she is always on the cutting edge. Sandra Ganzenmüller keeps a sharp eye on strategies her clients wish to pursue and implements customized courses of action – online as well as offline, B2B as well as B2C – in order to successfully achieve the desired communication goals. Identifying trends and combining these with strategic concepts, extensive experience and her gut instincts when it comes to communicating ideas – this is her approach to work. Not only do clients profit from this strategy, opinion leaders in the food and beverage industries do as well. She advises and supports associations with influence at a national level as well as successfully branded companies with their public relations – many of whom she has been assisting for a long time. To her, PR means professional, well-planned relationship management at the highest level.

Sandra Ganzenmüller is a member of the BerufsVerband Oecotrophologie e.V. (VDOE, Association of Home Economics and Nutritional Science Professionals) and the Deutschen Fachjournalisten-Verband AG (DFJV, German Association of Trade Journalists).

This is what her colleagues say: #convincing #connected #imaginative #efficient #courageous

Sandra Ganzenmüller is looking forward to your call or e-mail.: ganzenmueller[at], 089 23 23 63 50

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Sarah Fischer

A distinct interest in writing and anything food related were part of Sarah’s life since her school days. So it was only logical that after her studies of nutrition science she started working in the book publishing industry. A perfect match: here she could combine both of her favourite subjects.

During an editorial traineeship at a famous German publisher for guiding books Sarah learned how to plan and conduct book projects from scratch. Creating new ideas based on market analysis, working with authors, editors and designers, as well as writing editorial and advertising texts were some of her many tasks. Sarah went on to work for two other well-known publishers, pursuing her interest in food by specialising in managing cookbook projects with various topics, from vegan cakes to creative barbeque. She got the chance to work with national and international famous chefs and realise original titles, adaptions and licences. Apart from her professional expertise as a nutrition scientist, her skills in conceptual thinking and scouting trends, Sarah also profited from her organisational talents and her empathy. Best conditions for working in PR at kommunikation.pur. She loves to get to the heart of different project and to write and optimize texts and concepts.

Sarah Fischer has a certificate as business coach and trainer and is member of BerufsVerband Oecotrophologie e.V. (VDOE).

This is what her colleagues say: #convincing # quick-witted #enthusiastic #confident #focussed #positive

Sarah Fischer is looking forward to your call or e-mail.: fischer[at], 089 23 23 63 47

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Claudia Fröhlich-Panebianco

Her name says it all – fröhlich means cheerful in German. Also, her passion and curiosity for food and beverages has accompanied Claudia Fröhlich throughout her entire PR life. After starting her career in marketing, her professional path led to Munich and the world of public relations and communications.

Here, the home economics and nutritional science specialist got a flying start in food PR. She was able to combine her joy for communication with her expertise. Since then, Claudia spends her days fine-tuning texts, in order to find just the right wording to ensure her clients’ success. Regardless of whether it is PR work, event management or online communication, she is fully dedicated and motivated to achieve the best possible development and implementation of strategic PR concepts.

This is what her colleagues say: #focused #theperfectword #positive #precise #teamplayer

Claudia Fröhlich-Panebianco is looking forward to your call or e-mail.: froehlich[at], 089 23 23 63 49

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Jennifer Hofer

After completing her Master’s Degree in Nutritional Science, Jennifer Vinson began her professional career at the European market leader for gluten-free food products, where she spent several years working in the field of scientific communications.

During this time, she specialized in the subject of food allergies and intolerances. She also honed her skills for developing good communication concepts. Through various types of professional training and also through the conceptual design and implementation of a website relaunch, she expanded her skill set in the area of online marketing. As a result, her experiences from the perspective of the client are of great value in her work at the agency, as it gives her a great deal of insight into serving the needs and demands of her own clients.

This is what her colleagues say: #specialistforallergens #convincing #approachable #open-minded #‎considerate‬‬‬

Jennifer Hofer is looking forward to your call or e-mail.: hofer[at], 089 41 32 61 903

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Simone John

Having a bachelor’s degree in home economics, a master’s degree as a nutrition scientist and a deep insight into the world of foodies and loads of passion for food, Simone brings the perfect set for working in food PR.

After successfully finishing her master’s degree, she moved to the melting pot of Germanys street food scene: Berlin. Here, Simone worked several years for a producer of organic food and superfoods, searching the food trends of tomorrow and clever products that make a well-balanced daily diet as easy as possible. With an eye on ingredients, allergens and labelling she wrote creative and customer friendly texts, from special diets and alternative food to health topics. Part of her job was furthermore product development, planning and realising marketing actions and writing recipes for social media purposes. She also gained practical experience in customer services. Thirsty for knowledge and ready for new challenges she now is dedicated to PR work. As a team player she has excellent communication skills and knows how to reach her target groups.

This is what her colleagues say: #convincing #open minded #curios #proactive #tough #focussed # spontaneous #structured #athletic‬‬‬

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Christina Krumpoch

Several years of professional experience at one of Germany’s leading branded companies have given this studied ecotrophologist deep insights into the development, production, marketing and distribution of processed foods.

Upon completion of her studies, Christina Krumpoch built her communication skillset through a traineeship, then was given direct responsibility for clients as part of the food team of a Munich PR agency. She then switched to the corporate side and did a deep dive into the world of brands and food. Through the implementation of versatile communication techniques, she met key food industry experts and maintains a broad network. In the course of her work, she further developed her organisational talents and consulting skills and developed a keen sense for relevant topics and stories around branded products. She always keeps an eye on the crisis potential of certain issues.

At kommunikation.pur, she remains true to her passion for food and brands, bringing her versatile experience to concept development and client consulting. With a decidedly diplomatic flair, she is solution-oriented, reliable and acts in the best interests of the company and the team.

What her colleagues say about Christina: #honest #confident #open-minded #enthusiastic #likeable #communicative #authentic #balanced #humorous #enlightened #interested

Christina Krumpoch is looking forward to your call or e-mail: krumpoch[at],
089 23 23 63 46

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Michaela Ogermann

With her enthusiasm for food, beverages and lifestyle, her awareness of trends and her open minded spirit, Michaela Ogermann, a trained public relations specialist, is at home in the world of food PR and Content Creation.

After graduating, Michaela Ogermann gained her first PR experiences in the press department of one of Germany’s leading publishing houses, where she naturally gravitated to the topics of cooking and health. Following her passion for communication and food, she switched to the agency side, deepening her knowledge through professional development to become a public relations specialist, looking after a wide variety of clients from the food and lifestyle sectors. She particularly enjoys the diversity of topics, varied and exciting client projects and media contact. She engages in projects with great dedication and passion, leveraging her diverse experiences in the food PR sector and is a competent contact person with her likeable, open-minded attitude.

What Michaela´s colleagues say: #persuasive, #open-minded, #detailoriented, #energetic, #cheerful, #communicative, #helpful.

Michaela Ogermann is looking forward to your call or e-mail: ogermann[at],
089 23 23 63 45

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Candy Sierks

Having studied nutrition science, she feels right at home in the world of food and beverages. With a great deal of fervor and passion, she develops communication strategies for clients, implements creative action plans and maintains a broad network of international contacts.

As a member of the PR network for the VDOE, she is an indelible component of the nutrition industry and is regularly in contact with others in the field, exchanging thoughts and ideas about current topics relevant to the food PR scene in Germany. With additional training as a beer sommelier, she uses her knowledge about beer – of the raw materials and the brewing process – to represent her clients. She also understands how to describe the nuances of beer perfectly. In addition, Candy Sierks applies her competence in this subject area in her work as editor for a magazine and for a client’s publication. She also authors trade articles and is an active member of the beer industry. In her daily life at the agency, she is known for her flexibility, organizational skills, technical knowledge, team spirit and her goal-oriented approach. She helps her clients get ahead in the game, thanks to her ambition and dedication to meeting defined goals.

Candy Sierks is a member of the BerufsVerband Oecotrophologie e.V. (VDOE, Association of Home Economics and Nutritional Science Professionals) and the Verband der Diplom Biersommeliers, i.e. the Association of Diplom Beer Sommeliers.

This is what her colleagues say #assertive #sassy #honest #fresh #clever

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Paula Verbeek Terés

With a master’s degree in journalism and a focus on innovation and management, along with a curiosity for food, lifestyle and trends, Paula Verbeek Terés brings with her the ideal recipe for a well-balanced daily PR routine.

During her studies, Paula Verbeek Terés got to know corporate communications and came to love public relations. In particular, her penchant for creative writing, maintaining close client relationships and offering personal advice attracted her to the agency side.

After taking a Master’s degree, she gained experience in the field of communication and advising agency clients with a focus on sports, fashion and lifestyle issues. Subsequently, her enthusiasm for the culinary world as well as her desire for new challenges landed her in food PR – combining her journalistic and linguistic backgrounds.

At kommunikation.pur, she is able to apply her versatile experiences and considerable journalistic craft in supporting clients from the food industry. Knowledge of digital trends as well as a passion for social media round off her professional skills. Tackling a variety of topics and the conception and realisation of diverse projects are what she enjoys most about her day-to-day tasks at the agency.

What her colleagues say about Paula: #open-minded #curious #structured #team-oriented #creative

Paula Verbeek Terés is looking forward to your call or e-mail: verbeekteres[at], 089 41 32 61 902

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Nadine Weinmann

Nadine is passionate about current food trends – and her interest in cooking and especially baking go way back. At the University of Applied Sciences in Munich, she graduated with a degree in printing and media technologies, followed by a master’s degree in packaging technologies.

This combination of skills means that she’s well-placed in food PR at kommunikation.pur. During her bachelor studies, she gained some early experience in the field of communication, customer consulting and support at an agency for digital post-production. She then followed her enthusiasm for the topics of healthy nutrition and lifestyle – and encountered the depth and breadth of quality food PR.

With her ambition and passion, she supports the team as an intern with an independent-minded, flexible and thoughtful style. The variety of topics, the constant search for the latest trends and working with a wide range of media fascinate her the most about the tasks she manages at kommunikation.pur. She brings her diverse academic and practical experiences to each project with a commitment to reliability and an inquisitive attitude.

What her colleagues say about Nadine: #reliable #open-minded #helpful #energetic #flexible #hearty #likeable #good-humoured #charming #organised

Nadine Weinmann is looking forward to your call or e-mail.: weinmann[at], 089 41 32 61 904

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Stefanie Weiser (parental leave)

Stefanie Weiser is passionate about creative writing on topics from the areas of nutrition, health and current food trends. Even during her formative years, it was clear to her that cooking and baking would not only play an important role privately, but also in her later professional life.

She completed a bachelor’s degree in ecotrophology and a master’s degree in nutritional sciences. Across various positions held during and after her studies, it quickly became clear that she had found her destiny in food PR.

After many years of work at an agency with a focus on nutrition and health, she was able to gain valuable PR experience. Fulfilling client requests became second nature – from the creation of press releases, newsletters and flyers, to copywriting and support for various social media channels, to representing clients at trade fairs and conventions. Most recently, she worked as food editor for a bi-monthly nutrition trade magazine. Her tasks included writing a wide variety of texts for all sections of the magazine, conducting interviews and developing allergy-friendly and seasonal recipes, including preparations for photo shoots and calculating the corresponding nutritional values.

In addition to her professional competence and her diversity of experience in agency life and publishing, she also brings with her a strong commitment to reliability, a mindful attitude and a clear sense of structure and order. With these skills, she will henceforth support the kommunikation.pur team – and throw in plenty of fun and a zest for action.

What her colleagues say about Stefanie: #wordy #reliable #creative #structured #inquisitive #foodie

Stefanie Weiser is looking forward to your call or e-mail.: weiser[at], 089 41 32 61 901

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Klara Wittmer

Als Diätassistentin mit einem Bachelor of Science in Diätetik ist Klara im Themenfeld Ernährung zu Hause und hat ihre Leidenschaft zum Beruf gemacht. Mit einer Weiterbildung zur systemischen Beraterin bringt sie ihre Kommunikationsskills aktuell auf das nächste Level.
Neben dem Herzensthema Ernährungspsychologie, dem sie sich die ersten Berufsjahre in einer Kinder- und Jugendpsychiatrie gewidmet hat, steht das Thema Ernährungskommunikation bei Klara im Fokus. Als ehemalige Podcasterin und Content-Managerin kennt sie sich mit den Ansprüchen der verschiedensten Medien aus und verpackt Ernährungscontent zielgruppengerecht, kreativ sowie mit persönlicher Note. Sie beschäftigt sich außerdem mit den Themen Nachhaltigkeit, Vegetarismus und Veganismus sowie den neuesten Trends rund um Ernährung und Lifestyle.
Und auch privat ist Klara ein absoluter Foodie. Der Kaffee am Morgen, das Testen neuer Rezepte oder der Besuch im Lieblingsrestaurant gehören zu ihren täglichen Genussmomenten. Bei einer echten Pfälzerin darf es ab und zu auch ein schönes Glas Wein sein.
Das sagen die Kolleginnen: #teamplayer #energiebündel #kommunikativ #kreativ #aufgeschlossen #strukturiert #tatkräftig #offen #lebendig

Klara Wittmer freut sich über Ihren Anruf oder eine E-Mail: wittmer[at], 089 23 23 63 47

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Food-PR-Teammitglied Klara Wittmer