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We are the Munich-based PR agency specialising in the areas of food, beverages and lifestyle. We offer pure communication and cover all disciplines of classic and modern PR work. We focus on our specialty areas of PR consulting, press work, copywriting and editing, conception and content design of websites, newsletters, blogs and social media channels, blogger and influencer relations, trade fair communication, internal and crisis communication. If you’re looking for an all-rounder agency, you’ll need to keep hunting. For web design, graphics, translations and the like, we work with external partners who are specialists in their respective fields. So if you´re looking for pure communication, you’ve come to the right place. Find out more about kommunikation.pur competencies and services here.

Strategy and Consulting

We are the “go-to” PR agency for food, beverages and lifestyle: industry-defining, distinctive and compelling. Because we also play an active role in the industry, we are well aware of the current trends, the developments lying ahead and which potential occupational and legal pitfalls we need to take into consideration in our work. That is why when we begin working with a customer, we perform an analysis of the milieu in which the company and the product currently exists, as well as the type of image they wish to communicate.

Public Relations

Press work is an important cornerstone for successful PR work. The comprehensive and labor-intensive action plans that our agency develops and consolidates in their classic public relations work, ensure that you, as our clients, receive ongoing reports regarding your company, your products and markets and the relevant forms of media – online as well as offline, B2B as well as B2C.

Texts and Editing

The written word forms the basis of public relations. Whether it is a press release, a speech for the groundbreaking ceremony at a new production site, a trade article for a nutritional science publication, a project report for the trade press or developing texts for a website, blog, interview or social media – as a specialized agency, we are sure to find just the right tone, the correct wording and perfect style to address your readers and recipients.

Website and blog

Your web presence is a foundational platform for communication about your brand. Here, your customers and business partners will find valuable information and get a first impression of your company’s vision and philosophy. Are you starting from scratch with a basic website or do you want to take off with a fresh presence? We are happy to support you and workshop with you to develop a winning strategy and concept for your website or blog.


Despite the daily flood of emails and the constant flow of information, email is still a valid route for accessing your target audience, be they clients or employees. This is why it makes good business sense to serve this channel regularly with salient strategies, fresh content and careful analysis. Whether digital customer magazine, dealer circular or newsletter: whatever you want to call your mailing, we support you from its conception to content creation to rollout.

Social Media

Online channels have become a staple element in terms of communication, be it for distributing written or spoken text, video or images – and in the long run, they will continue to shape the future of PR. These channels are subject to constant change: Platforms that are essential today may have disappeared from the stage as communication media in just one year from now.

Influencer Relations

Sweeping campaigns, mass mailings and the discourse of influencer on the national level are not our focus. We always operate not only in the interest of the client but also for influencer and their fans.

Events and Trade Shows

Trade shows, conferences or other events are ideal platforms for communication allowing you to engage in personal dialogue with your target audience and gather a great deal of information.

Professional dialogue

A general national media approach right from the start may just be the correct strategy to put your companies, associations, products or services on the radar. There are communication tasks for which it is more important to first enter into a dialogue with experts in order to win or maintain advocates for downstream B2C communication.

User report

What could be better for third parties than satisfied customers, proven solutions and best practices? Customer testimonials, case studies and best practice examples pay off for your communication success – this is how we get your customers on board as advocates.

Corporate Communications

In addition to public relations, i.e. external communication, communication within the company or association is also a decisive success factor in PR. Your internal target groups, such as employees, members or participants, expect a special and appreciative address and information in advance. They don’t want to hear about company news from the press or from their private lives without having answers. We know all the building blocks of successful internal communication and use creativity to continuously develop new ways to turn your internal target groups into committed advocates of your own brand.