Sandra Ganzenmüller

With an intuitive sense for effective communication and emergent trends in the food and beverage industries, she sets the agency’s course.

Following diverse experiences in the food industry, Sandra Ganzenmüller turned her attention to public relations and communications, where she has been for 15 years – more than 10 of which were spent as a freelancer. As a nutrition scientist and PR manager, she learned early on that combining her professional training in a specialized field with well-founded communication skills was the best recipe for success in PR for the food and beverages industry – and this skill set is highly valued by her customers. She is focused on her ambitions, so obtaining qualifications as a commercial manager for the beverage industry and certified beer sommelier was simply the next logical step. Drawing inspiration from her involvement in various associations, she is always on the cutting edge. Sandra Ganzenmüller keeps a sharp eye on strategies her clients wish to pursue and implements customized courses of action – online as well as offline, B2B as well as B2C – in order to successfully achieve the desired communication goals. Identifying trends and combining these with strategic concepts, extensive experience and her gut instincts when it comes to communicating ideas – this is her approach to work. Not only do clients profit from this strategy, opinion leaders in the food and beverage industries do as well. She advises and supports associations with influence at a national level as well as successfully branded companies with their public relations – many of whom she has been assisting for a long time. To her, PR means professional, well-planned relationship management at the highest level.

Sandra Ganzenmüller is a member of the BerufsVerband Oecotrophologie e.V. (VDOE, Association of Home Economics and Nutritional Science Professionals), the Verband der Diplom Biersommeliers, i.e. the Association of Diplom Beer Sommeliers, as well as the Deutschen Fachjournalisten-Verband AG (DFJV, German Association of Trade Journalists).

This is what her colleagues say: #convincing, #connected, #imaginative, #efficient, #courageous

Verena Franke

In Verena Franke’s life (almost) everything revolves around healthy diets and food trends. After completing her training to become a state certified dietician, she studied home economics and nutrition science.

Armed with this expert knowledge base in dietetics, food and nutrition, she went on to work in the editorial office of a best-selling author in the food industry. Here, she acquired the skills necessary to write compelling texts, well-founded concepts and foolproof recipes. In her never-ending thirst for knowledge, she supplemented her professional training by becoming an official ambassador for mineral water as well as a social media manager and community manager. Verena Franke writes columns for blogs and print magazines. She is also frequently cited as a nutrition and communications expert in trade and consumer magazines. Regardless of whether she is attending lectures, tastings or cooking sessions – she loves to infuse others with the enthusiasm she shares for food and beverages through the exchange of knowledge and ideas. With a good portion of creativity, finesse and strategy, she bridges the gap between her clients and their respective target audience.

Verena Franke is a member of the Verband der Diätassistenten – Deutscher Bundesverband e.V. (VDD, German Dietician Association).

This is what her colleagues say: #eloquent, #intoxicating, #authentic, #focused, #creative

Claudia Fröhlich

Her name says it all – fröhlich means cheerful in German. Also, her passion and curiosity for food and beverages has accompanied Claudia Fröhlich throughout her entire PR life.

After starting her career in marketing, her professional path led to Munich and the world of public relations and communications. Here, the home economics and nutritional science specialist got a flying start in food PR. She was able to combine her joy for communication with her expertise. Since then, Claudia spends her days fine-tuning texts, in order to find just the right wording to ensure her clients’ success. Regardless of whether it is PR work, event management or online communication, she is fully dedicated and motivated to achieve the best possible development and implementation of strategic PR concepts.

This is what her colleagues say: #focused, #theperfectword, #positive, #precise, #team player

Sarah Hercht

Sarah Hercht, having studied both home economics and journalism, merges two strong skill sets in her professional life. As a long-standing editorial board member in food & beverage trade publishing, she can also bring her industry expertise and experience to bear.


Sarah Hercht embarked on a professional career in publishing after taking a degree in home economics with a focus on the food industry and trade, strengthening her interest in and knowledge about nutrition and food production. She was able to hone her journalistic and public communications skills with an established magazine publisher, starting as a volunteer apprentice before she moved through the ranks as part of the editing team, eventually becoming editor-in-chief. Her former employer specialized in publications serving the catering & food services as well as the hotel trade. Due to her editorial team’s contacts within food and related services, she was able to deepen and extend her own expertise as well as gain valuable insights into the industry. She learned about problems and challenges as well as the needs of food service professionals, from which she and her agency have profited. Well-versed and committed, she takes good care of her clients’ needs. Sarah Hercht ist a member of the Deutschen Journalisten-Verband (Association of German Journalists) (DJV) in Nordrhein-Westfalen.

This is what her colleagues say: #well-versed #smart #flexible #competent #understanding‬‬‬

Lisbeth Kreitmayr

Having studied food technology, Lisbeth Kreitmayr knows all about food production.

Along with practical insights into the processes involved in the production of food, she has developed an in-depth understanding of technical issues affecting the industry and has acquired the skill to precisely articulate them. As a trainee, she learned about PR strategies and instruments from the ground up and her clients benefit from all of her background knowledge. She complements her professional know-how with a penchant for creativity.

This is what her colleagues say: #vivacious, #motivated, #energetic, #alert, #ambitious

Antje Lindner

Our trained office management assistant has had a variety of professional experiences, both at home and abroad, including a position as a quality management officer.

Furthermore, Antje Lindner can look back upon many years of experience in catering. Here, she worked as a banquet and event manager for one of the largest catering companies, where together with her team, she was responsible for the comprehensive design, planning and execution of large events in Munich. As the management team’s assistant, her talent for organizing is put to the test on a daily basis, and she makes sure that internal processes run smoothly throughout the entire agency. She is an advisor to her clients for all issues concerning bookkeeping and supports her colleagues on cross-client projects, using aspects of her practical knowledge obtained in catering and event management.

This is what her colleagues say: #motivated, #structured, #considerate, #funny, #alwaysstayscalm

Candy Sierks

Having studied nutrition science, she feels right at home in the world of food and beverages. With a great deal of fervor and passion, she develops communication strategies for clients, implements creative action plans and maintains a broad network of international contacts.

As a member of the PR network for the VDOE, she is an indelible component of the nutrition industry and is regularly in contact with others in the field, exchanging thoughts and ideas about current topics relevant to the food PR scene in Germany. With additional training as a beer sommelier, she uses her knowledge about beer – of the raw materials and the brewing process – to represent her clients. She also understands how to describe the nuances of beer perfectly. In addition, Candy Sierks applies her competence in this subject area in her work as editor for a magazine and for a client’s publication. She also authors trade articles and is an active member of the beer industry. In her daily life at the agency, she is known for her flexibility, organizational skills, technical knowledge, team spirit and her goal-oriented approach. She helps her clients get ahead in the game, thanks to her ambition and dedication to meeting defined goals.

Candy Sierks is a member of the BerufsVerband Oecotrophologie e.V. (VDOE, Association of Home Economics and Nutritional Science Professionals) and the Verband der Diplom Biersommeliers, i.e. the Association of Diplom Beer Sommeliers.

This is what her colleagues say #assertive, #sassy, #honest, #fresh, #clever

Vanessa Starck

Vanessa Starck obtained her skills during her traineeship. She implements this adeptly on behalf of her clients, when designing efficient communication concepts and in their implementation.

Prior to this, she studied food technology and brewing at the Technical University of Munich at Weihenstephan. During this time, she acquired a wide range of knowledge relating to the food and beverage industries – from individual ingredients and the required equipment, through to the different production methods. Every day, she is motivated to implement her professional know-how in all areas of PR. As a result of many years working in research as well as for a slow-food restaurant, Vanessa has developed an excellent nose for trends in the food and beverage industries. This, in turn, sparks fresh ideas for her daily PR work.

This is what her colleagues say: #‎eagertolearn,‬‬‬‬ #‎interested,‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬ #enthusiastic,‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬ #well-versed,‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬ #cheerful

Jennifer Vinson

After completing her Master’s Degree in Nutritional Science, Jennifer Vinson began her professional career at the European market leader for gluten-free food products, where she spent several years working in the field of scientific communications.


During this time, she specialized in the subject of food allergies and intolerances. She also honed her skills for developing good communication concepts. Through various types of professional training and also through the conceptual design and implementation of a website relaunch, she expanded her skill set in the area of online marketing. As a result, her experiences from the perspective of the client are of great value in her work at the agency, as it gives her a great deal of insight into serving the needs and demands of her own clients.

This is what her colleagues say: #specialistforallergens, #convincing, #approachable, #open-minded, #‎considerate‬‬‬

Anne Witt

Anne Witt is a trained hotel specialist, having studied home economics. She combines nutritional science expertise with a commitment to customer service.

In addition to acquiring food and nutrition expertise, she also studied marketing and communications. Her Bachelor’s thesis dealt with the use of social networks as a valuable communication tool in the food industry. As a trainee, she is now gaining valuable practical experience with publishing and communications tools used in the food-PR sector, putting her background knowledge to good use for her clients. From press release to social media strategies, Anne Witt is not satisfied with less than the best.

This is what her colleagues have to say about Anne: #enthusiastic #loyal #authentic #dependable #delightful

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